Call for Help!

Ladies and gentlemens!

Our Foundation invites you to cooperate, to participate in the provision of charitable assistance to needy citizens of Ukraine, through the implementation of socially significant projects in various areas of civil society. The Foundation implements several charitable programs/projects of a social orientation to provide all possible assistance to vulnerable groups of the population. The Fund carries out its social activity on an ongoing basis, thereby contributing to the formation of Ukraine as a country of responsible citizens, namely:

1. assistance to the weak and elderly people whose income does not allow them to lead a “conditionally normal” life, and which is very dependent on the loyalty of the state to them;

2. assistance to disabled people of all categories and ages (congenital and acquired) who need help;

3. care for orphans and single-parent families (organization of summer camps, as well as a program for their temporary stay in families abroad, rehabilitation of children affected by the Chernobyl accident and disabled children, as well as children from displaced families);

4. participation in the volunteer movement to support the Ukrainian, as well as various equipment for the defenders of the state;

5. assistance to the civilian population (forced migrants from Donbass), their arrangement, organization of temporary housing, food and assistance in finding employment.

Addressing all people of good will, we ask you to provide all possible assistance in this haritable cause. It does not matter the form of assistance and the amount you can donate. Any help will be an invaluable contribution to this good cause. Even the most modest help will be gratefully received.

We guarantee the intended use of the received material donation, technical assistance and financial resources.

Sincerely, and hope for understanding!

God bless you and God bless Ukraine!