General information

International Assist was created by caring people in order to protect the social, economic, creative and other interests of Ukrainians in need, people with disabilities, pensioners, combatants and their families.
International Assist is a non-profit organization that currently provides assistance to the disabled, retirees, combatants, hospitals, charities and other non-profit organizations in Ukraine through the distribution of medical equipment, medical supplies, consumables, dental, optical and disaster relief supplies. disasters collected by our partners in Europe.
We are a non-religious, non-political charity registered in Pennsylvania.
Humanitarian aid is an integral part of Ukraine’s overall external assistance system. Along with technical and financial assistance, it plays an exceptional role – compensating countries in transition for the inability of their government in difficult, crisis times to provide the population with everything necessary to sustain themselves. Humanitarian aid has been and is an essential component of covering the budget deficit in the social sphere.
It is especially important to understand the realities that accompany humanitarian aid today.
At present, in the current situation around the world, humanitarian aid is taking on a new character and increasingly needs to be seen from a new perspective.
That is why the main thing for us is coherence in work, clear coordination between the government and the donors, as well as a fair distribution of humanitarian aid among the acquirers.