Always in the cage

Today, the last shipment of the remaining medical equipment to Obukhov City Hospital took place.
To date, the goods provided by donors from Latvia have been fully distributed to the recipients. Despite the difficulties associated with the military situation, we do not stop at the work done and will work hard in this direction.
We express our great gratitude to our permanent partners who provide assistance in a God-pleasing cause.

Glory to Ukraine!

Return visit

Today, the second car arrived from the rehabilitation center of Losyatyn (Kyiv region, Vasylkivskyi district). The second batch of rehabilitation equipment was handed over.
Also, today, a shipment was made to the “Ukrainian Family Family” Charitable Organization. This organization makes a huge contribution to providing assistance to people affected by military actions, as well as an invaluable role of this organization in helping the Armed Forces.

You can’t stop

And again, we have the rehabilitation center of Losyatyn as our guest. Today the center received: used rollators, used canes, used crutches, used wheelchairs, used shower chairs, used chairs, used lifts, used verticalizers, etc.
We are waiting for them next week because there is not enough space in the car for all the equipment we have prepared for them.

The final chord

Today, the final delivery of humanitarian aid received from our partners from the USA took place. The cargo was received by the Rehabilitation Center of Losyatyn, a unique medical institution whose name is known throughout Ukraine and far beyond its borders. Patients from our country and other countries come here for treatment and rehabilitation.
Everything will be Ukraine!

Call for help

Our partners in Kyiv region – Oleksandr Lagodnyi and Ihor Cherepanov continue their work. They helped the Kyiv City Clinical Hospital No.11. Today, more than ever, it is very important to help medical facilities with everything they need. Thanks to the diligent and responsible work of our partners, medical supplies, rollers, carts, canes, crutches, etc. were donated to KMKL №11.
To date, shipments from donors in the United States and Latvia have been fully distributed to recipients. Despite wartime difficulties, martial law, curfews we will continue with our efforts. We are very grateful to our regular partners, and we invite everyone who wants to help in the cause of God to cooperate.
Glory to Ukraine!

Our volunteers from Kyiv continue their selfless work despite all difficulties and obstacles of martial law and other war time obstructions.
Today, a significant amount of medical supplies and equipment for hospitals in Kyiv region was handed over. The supplies are destined for the Vasylkiv Hospital, which suffered greatly from the atrocities of the Russian occupiers, and the rehabilitation center of the town Losyatyn. It was in this very center that our soldiers from regular Ukrainian Armed Forces, territorial defense and civilians started post-occupation rehabilitation.
Unfortunately, we were not able to take a joint photo, because at that time there was an air siren and doctors had to promptly get to their facilities. Therefore we publish reports directly from these hospitals. Everything was utilized promptly – the consumables were immediately put into operation.
Once again, a big thank you to our friends from Latvia and America, who provide their support to the best of their ability and help bring us closer to victory.

Glory to Ukraine!

On April 7 our partners in Kyiv Oleksandr Lagodnyi and Ihor Cherepanov have turned medical supplies and equipment funded by charitable donations to International Assist Inc. To Kyiv City Council Deputy Mykhaylo Ishchenko…/ischenko_mikhaylo…/. The donated supplies will be distributed by Kyiv City council government to local hospitals.
You can fund more shipments of medical supplies and equipment by donating to International Assist Inc. via PayPal:

Heroic Ukrainian nation keeps fighting. Our partners Oleksandr Lagidniy and Ihor Cherepanov continue distributing medical equipment – this time to hospital in Brovary, Kyiv region

Weekdays of hope

Today our partners in Kyiv Oleksandr Lagidniy and Ihor Cherepanov have donated medical equipment and supplies to Central Children’s clinic of Desnyan District of Kyiv (Central Children’s Polyclinic of Desnianskyi District Vyhurivskyi Boulevard, 4, Kyiv, 02000044 532 2028)